The Economics of Blockchain Protocols

In this episode featuring Primoz Kordez, you’ll learn:

  • What determines the value of a cryptocurrency
  • The differences between the two main types of cryptocurrencies we’ve seen in the past two years: cryptocurrencies that can be divided into currencies with the function of means of payment or store of value, and currencies with utility value
  • How blockchain protocols will give rise to decentralized systems in which individuals co-create the value of the networks
  • The importance of incentives in establishing distributed networks in which individual participants are rewarded and the network itself appreciates in value

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About The Author

primoz kordezPrimoz Kordez twitter is the Financial Markets Lead at Elements Capital Partners, a boutique investment firm, where he advises hedge funds on alternative investments.  Kordez is also an advisor to blockchain projects including ICONOMI, a digital asset management platform.  He studied Finance and Economics at Univerza v Ljubljani, Cambridge, and Oxford.

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