Blockchain Curated is a project by Zach Segal twitter that makes the best blockchain-related content more accessible to the world.  We curate the top 1% of cryptocurrency articles and convert them into free weekly podcasts that are emailed to our listeners.   Now, you can keep up with the best of cryptocurrency without ever reading a single line of text.

We feature articles that are written by blockchain leaders that are commonly cited, and make cryptocurrency easier to understand.  Cryptocurrency concepts have a notoriously high learning curve, which is why we rigorously curate the best articles.  Articles are read aloud by a real human being, not a mechanical-sounding text-to-speech robot ?. Our audio articles have featured founders, advisors, and contributors to organizations including Coinbase, Ethereum, Polychain Capital, Digital Currency Group and more.


We ❤ podcasts and cryptocurrency, and want to help the best information in the community flourish.  Now, you can consume the best cryptocurrency content and clear out your reading backlog while on your morning jog, daily commute, or while relaxing before sleep.


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