Crypto Tokens – A Breakthrough In Open Network Design

In this episode featuring Andressen Horowitz General Partner Chris Dixon, you’ll learn:

  • How crypto tokens can aid in reversing the trend of internet centralization
  • Why tokens benefit their users, developers, investors, and entire open source initiatives
  • Why centralized networks won out versus open networks in Web 2.0, and why crypto tokens may shift the tide back to open networks in the future
  • How Ethereum is pouring gasoline on this fire with the ERC20 token, inspiring a new wave of token networks

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About The Author

chris dixoChris Dixon twitter is a General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), a leading San Francisco venture investor with investments in companies such as Coinbase, 21, Airbnb, Facebook and Slack.  Prior to a16z, Dixon was a Founder at Founder Collective, a seed fund for startups.  Dixon founded Hunch (acquired by eBay) in 2007, and SiteAdvisor (acquired by McAfee) in 2005.  Chris began his career as a software developer and went on to be an Associate at Bessemer Venture Partners.  He holds degrees in Philosophy from Columbia University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

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