The Fifth Protocol

In this episode featuring AngelList and CoinList Co-Founder Naval Ravikant, you’ll learn:

  • Why machines could be a major catalyst for Bitcoin protocol adoption
  • Why it has taken so long to create the internet’s first protocol for exchanging value, and why it’s here to stay
  • Why Bitcoin has an advantage as an exchange of value protocol versus incumbents
  • Why dozens of app coins could proliferate on networks that must allocate resources (storage, cache, and more)
  • What some of the future real-world applications of blockchain-related protocols could be

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About The Author

Naval Ravikant twitter is the Co-Founder and CEO of AngelList, a platform that connects startups, investors, and job seekers.  Naval is also a Co-Founder of MetaStable capital, a hedge fund that holds cryptographic assets, and of CoinList, a platform for initial coin offerings.  Naval is an angel investor in companies such as Uber, Postmates, Yammer, 21, and others.  He holds degrees in Economics and Computer Science from Dartmouth University.

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